Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The odd places my animals seem to end up

I found Diego in the closet. He's obsessed with my shoes - especially my flip-flops!

Jesse James in the bathtub - a bug had flown in when I let Bocephus out to potty, and had went to the tub. Jesse decided he was going to get it come hail or high water.

All us in bed last weekend when I had a stomach ache. Jesse and Bo at my feet, and Diego is curled up in my arms - you can barely see his ears. I love days like this.

Bocephus loves his blankets, and this look reminds me of Yoda. I think it's one of my new favorite of him.

He decided it was too cold in the house this afternoon and needed a few minutes in the sun. In our barren yard. This is the yard yard where its a lot of sand, and we can't get grass to grow. *lol* We've finally gotten the front to semi-resemble a yard though.

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  1. my cats are the same Ill find them in weird places as well...


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