Monday, June 22, 2009

Garage Saling at 530am

Rich said he'd go garage saling with me this past weekend, so we got up and were on the road at 530am saturday. People here start theres at 6am, so we wanted to be there to get the good stuff! *lol*
We got these 3 mini-Christmas trees for $15. The bases of them are really heavy, which'll come in handy since the cats like to play with the decorations. They came with some country decorations already, but I'm not going to keep them on there, and will change them when I decide what theme to do them in, and what room to put them in.

We got these for $1.50. I'm thinking of doing these in Mod Podge in something UT for Rich's UT Christmas tree. Maybe. If I decide otherwise, I'll figure something else out.

One lady was selling all her DVD's for $1 each -and you're right Mom, we should have just bought them all - and here's the ones we got. I was so excited to find the Care Bear Movie II!

Rich found this guitar for $30, and hasn't stopped playing it since he got it.

We got this solid wood dining table for $40! I was so excited about it! We actually got it from a fellow EOD military instructor at the school with Rich. We didn't know it until we pulled up at the gargage sale and saw a bunch of ammo boxes for sale, and then they recognized each other. *lol* So I've now got a table for the house, and I'm keeping that solid Pecan formal table, and still looking for mis-matched chairs to go with it, but for now it's going to stay in storage.
All in all., we spent $96 for all we got, I think it was a good morning of garage saling! :)

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  1. 5:30 am! Wow, that way too early! I am having a garage sale this weekend, but I don't open until 7. I love the table, what a great find!


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